I appreciate this platform a lot. 
I do hope you post this because my relationship is shaking. l met this guy some time back and we were good as friends but along the line we had sex!!! 

To me no string attached but he claims to love me and want more of me,we hv been fucking,to b honest I don’t love him that much am just DlCKMATlZED. This dude is too good in bed (one of d reasons am scared of loving him,he might have too many girls wanting him aswell) The problem now is that he keeps saying I don’t compliment him before or after sex. That all I tell him is that he is sweet! 

I don’t want to loose him yet because he fucks me so well better than my one nd only Ex .

Please apart from telling a guy/girl that you ‘re fucking that he/she is sweet what other compliment can you use??? 

Girls how do you compliment your dude,guy’s please what ‘re the compliments you get from your lady? Insults is allowed but just help me with romantic words. Happy newyear in advance. 

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