Families have been left homeless after their homes located between the Lagos Business school and the Abraham Adesanya Estate Ajah in Lagos state were allegedly destroyed on the orders of the state government Friday. Caterpillars were sent in to pull down the structures Friday evening. Some of the families are currently stranded as they have no where to move their belongings to.

This Christmas season will be terrible for these families, this is very unfair from the state government.

Where was the government when this lands were purchased ?

Where was the government when the land was cleared ?

Where was the government when construction commenced ?

Where was the government when families moved in?

Is the government not supposed to protect its citizens ?

Why don’t the officials sent to carry out this demolition process put them selves in the shoes of the home owners ?

What if’s?

What if we bought lands from the government..?

What if the government didn’t have to demolish homes?

What if we loved our neighbors?

What if all land transactions passed through the government?

What if this happened to you, what would you do?

Do not ignore this message because it could happen to you tomorrow, please don’t say God forbid because this has got nothing to do with God it is an act of wickedness amongst humans.

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