Edikai Ikong is a scrumptious vegetable soup from Calabar, Southern Nigeria. It is made from an assorted selection of
vegetables, palm oil and spices. This dish is truly delicious and a nation’s favourite. Hope you have fun cooking and eating it.


Serves 4
– 1 tuber Yam
– 400g Ugu/pumpkin leaves
– 200g Waterleaves or Gure in Yoruba
– 1kg boiled assorted meat
– 200g Periwinkle
– 200g boiled Dried Stock Fish (pre-soaked)
– 4 pieces boiled Crabs and or Snails
– 100g Shrimps
– 50g Crayfish
– 300ml Palm oil
– 1 large Onion
– 1 large fresh tomato
– 2 or 3 pieces red chilli peppers
– 10g Locust beans
– Maggi and salt


STEP 1 Fry 3 or 4 cooking spoons of palm oil into a deep cooking pan, slice in a few onions.
STEP 2 Add blended pepper and allow to cook for 3 minutes. Slice in red chilli peppers, tomatoes to add colour and a
little bit of chopped garlic (optional) then steam for 3 minutes.
STEP 3 Add the sliced waterleaves; do not add water because waterleaves generate water on their own. Now cook for
3 minutes.
STEP 4 Add remaining ingredients, periwinkle, shrimps, boiled stock fish, smoked stock fish, boiled assorted beef,
crayfish, crabs, snails and locust beans.(Season with Maggi/ salt) Stir all the ingredients together, then leave
for 2 minutes.
STEP 5 Add the Ugu, a bit of water then stir, leave for 2 minutes.
STEP 6 Serve with Pounded yam.
Seasoning Tip: Try using three cubes of Maggi and a pinch of salt to ensure your cooking never has too much or too little salt.
Always taste before adding salt.

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