Mike Bamiloye who was the lead Actor for the porpular christian dramma Agbaranla (Ultimate Power) comes for churches who invite comedians on stage to thrill worshipers. 

“As per COMEDY in Church Meetings and Events!

I want to address Christians – ALL denominations -this morning without prejudice!

For a long while I have questioned the inclusion of COMEDY in Church events. What do I question? The fact that the comedians brought in are allowed to make jokes of scriptures, the Blood of Jesus, speaking in tongues, the throne of grace etc. AND WE SIT THERE LAUGHING!

What are we laughing at? What is funny? Mocking God and Christ and the Holy Spirit and the Word is funny????

We hear of other religions where they are obsessed with protecting the image of their Leader and we gleefully allow people to MOCK our Leader JESUS CHRIST and the Holy Spirit and thereby indirectly MOCKING

GOD!! They look at us with disdain because we are BAD AMBASSADORS of our faith!

I was thinking of all this since Friday when a commedian was allowed in the stage at the EXPERIENCE to use a scripture in the Old Testament as foundation for his jokes! I LAUGHED also but later felt badly convicted

and I said I will sppeak out”

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