daddyfreeze Ladys experience with a yahoo boy that wanted to annoint her with his seed! 

My own story with a pastor is very funny. I went to him, he prayed and told me l had spiritual hubby and am since am fair a common word to fair people. After saying d visions asked Wat’s d next step, he said What I will do is simple and if I can do it dem no born the spiritual hubby to cum near me, even bad people. He said he will use his sperm to rub my body n wait 4 Lik 30mins and go n wash it away, I said OK, and how do we achieve that, he said tru sex, l laughed. lasked him can’t he masturbate and get it Except tru sex he said no we need to have sex and den get d sperm. Daddy freeze I was abt saying yea to him but something pinche me saying er u mad bimbo, where in the Bible did such happen. l asked him can he tell me where in the bible did any prophet Used sperm to heal, he couldn’t talk. I tot it was only in movies such do happen ooh never knew its real. People should call God themselves n he will answer not going about and looking for What is not lost. Imagine l’ll Use sperm to rub my body and it’s tru sex with him first N dis pastor knows l am married, knows my hubby. Saying it ll happen just between us, dat who will go and tell my hubby wat has transpired . imagine l don’t go to church ooh, I read d Bible and pray at home cos dey are all the same and they love money chai.

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