“Show support and encourage… positivity throughout the community.” These are the words that the CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, has stated after announcing the changes that have taken place in Instagram. After several modifications, it has come up with something that allows posting a reply in other’s comments and click “like”, just like in Facebook.

Major Changes

Started in 2010, the popular app works by sharing photos and videos to user’s friends and followers worldwide. Slowly, changes occur and now, does not just allow users to like and reply to the comment of other people, but also remove followers without blocking them. It also allows turning off comments on certain posts.


Support Your Pals

Instagram’s latest change promotes support to your pals and friendship. It works by following the liking regular rule which is by simply tapping the heart or double-clicking picture. By doing this, users can follow a certain post and find out any comments to like.

Disable Comments

For those who are not fond of liking or commenting, there’s an option to disable comment completely on a specific post. To do this, users need to go to their profile page and open ‘advanced settings’ found on the upper right, prior to uploading a post.

Remove Follower From a Post

It’s awkward to do it, however, according to Yahoo! Instagram found a way to remove a certain follower from a post without blocking them. But, you need to set your account on private first. No notification will be sent to the other so there’s no way they’ll find out about it unless you tell them in person.

Release Date

The said changes have taken place this December 6, 2016. It will take about a couple of weeks to completely change everyone’s Instagram.

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