It is normal for you to be scared of how your food looks and taste, but no harm in trying, make your mistakes and learn from it, keep practicing and experimenting until you are able to build up your confidence. CONFIDENCE is having total control of what you do, once you make your mistakes in cooking, for instance adding too much seasoning or
pepper or using the wrong recipe, learn from it then move on. This attitude will make you a better cook eventually.


You have to believe in your own mind that you can become a good cook. Try cooking more meals on your own, eat less of fast food, make your kitchen a part of you, according to my sister cooking is a thing of the mind, and practice makes perfect.


As a cook, you need to create a good standard of hygiene and appearance. It helps to have a high standard of personal cleanliness in your hair, nails, face, clothing, utensils and gas cooker, which should be cleaned thoroughly after use.



Cooking is all about creativity, the presentation of your food is very important, it makes the food attractive and most times a well presented food can make you go hungry. You should present your food using your own imagination as long as it looks pleasing to the eye. Food should be neatly served on the dinner table or in a tray.


Communication is very important in all aspect of life, and cooking is no exception. When you want to cook something new, invite some friends over to your home that can help correct your mistakes by giving constructive feedback. Never fail to listen to their corrections and don’t get angry, this will help you a lot. Make sure you ask questions on
how the food looks, the taste, does it need more or less seasoning etc. Listen to their comments and take each on board, it will help improve your cooking and build your confidence.


The taste of your recipe is very important, do not make use of spoilt food, it will make your food distasteful and results in waste of time and effort. Make sure you use fresh or well preserved ingredients before usage. Your perishable goods can be kept in your deep refrigerator and non perishable can be preserved in sunlight.

Have Fun

Eating is not just about surviving but enjoyment as well. The more fun you have when cooking, the more your guests will enjoy what you serve them. So make your cooking times fun, try to relax and remember you have the Classic Nigerian food recipe.



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