It is time for us to rise up and speak, have you ever wondered why you walk around the streets and neighborhoods around Nigeria today and the streets and some public places of interest are named after people that have done little or nothing for this country. We go about our daily life day in day out as if we are at peace in the country forgetting that the north east is being terrorized by the Boko- haram sect and our gallant soldiers are fighting and being killed and nobody has deemed it fit to mortalize any of the fallen soldiers, it is not fair…..remember the soldires are fighting to protect both the good the bad and the ugly in Nigeria not forgetting the looters/corrupt leaders as well, and as we all know that their family are also being neglected made to suffer for the choice of job their loved one has chosen to take, don’t forget that the soldiers have a choice of not fighting for the country just as the politicians have a choice of serving the people or not ………to be continued #mortalizethefallensoldiers


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